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Robots with Guns

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GN Software was founded in 2019. We are fueled by our love for great entertainment, fantastic graphics, and riveting stories. Our talented team of employees works hard to bring our vision to life in order to create a one of a kind gaming experience for all of our clients.


Game Designer

We started out as a small company of gaming enthusiasts Our team now consists of people committed and dedicated, including artists, engineers, developers, and so much more.

We’re experts in having a good time, and offer our fellow gamers a chance to unleash their inner child through our awesome games. Let us know how we can help you; When it comes to the gaming world, the sky's the limit.


 We hope to bring you a lot of fun with this great FPS game.

War Machine

The game is based on a fictional story, where machines take over, killing 90% of the Earth’s population, to end wars and pollution caused by humanity.
Ryan is a fighter who needs to invade the command center of Brain (the main server that controls all other machines).
The objective of the games is to find three protected viruses in an abandoned city, controlled by machines to activate the portal, capable of transporting Ryan to the command center and defeating Brain.

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